Our professionals

Check out the Our Team page at this website. Gabri de Hoogd is leading the litigation department in the office. Our collaegue mr. Wim Voerman specializes in Trademark protection and data-processing. He assists in IE-files and litigation within the Dutch Kingdom. mr. Diana Emerencia is an Aruban attorney at law with many years of experience in the field of criminal law en family law. She assists local clients in legal issues. mr. John Zara is also Aruban all-round attorneys at law, who works for local clients in the Dutch Indies / Aruba. Both are very dedicated to their clients. For all our collaegues we are proud to say that they are:
  • dedicated to our clients
  • flexible and experienced
  • discrete and trustworthy
  • always trying to improve their skills
Contact our office if you want to know more about our office or our professionals. Our collaegues will be happy to assist you.